Davis Quin, I know him best by the name Dylan. Is the creator of video/computer games. He created the JR in Concert Frenzy Game:

JR in Concert Frenzy: Game

Dylan is a singer, songwriter and musician. He has just released his debut CD Entitled "Dark Train." Dylan is presently touring to promote it.

Dylan's career name is Davis Quinn and you can buy a copy of his hot new CD directly from his website:

Dark Train (Audio CD)

Over an hour of music, Davis Quinn's first album. Track list: 1. Two Ton Train - 2. Nobody Else - 3. Run From the Sun - 4. It Doesn't Rain Everyday - 5. Home Sweet Home - 6. Overcoming the Storm - 7. Shrug It Off - 8. Let Me Get Home - 9. 900 Miles - 10. Free - 11. War On Sanity - 12. Dark Train.  .00 (includes S&H) $10.00 for CD.
Order from Davis' website.

Visit his website for information on the CD and his touring: Davis Quinn

I grew to know Dylan through the Johnny Rivers website message board. I helped him with some song lyrics of Johnny Rivers he was looking for and he sent me a copy of the game JR in Concert Frenzy.
Feel free to contact Dylan about his music, touring and games:Email Davis Quinn

It is a pleasure to know such a wonderful, talented artist as Dylan. We have talked about writing a song together sometime. I look forward to that.

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