Asa songwriter myself, I know the challenge of writing songs that reflect my feelings and yet touch the hearts of listeners in personal ways. Redd Stewart, along with Pee Wee King as mastered the craft many times over. I grew up listening to his songs as the daughter of a huge country music fan. My Father had a large record collection which possessed songs by many well known artist, written by Redd. One I really loved was "THE TENNESSEE WALTZ" which became artist Patty Page's break through hit back in the 50's.

Another hit song "BONAPARTE'S RETREAT" recorded by Glen Campbell. You can find it on his Classic Collection LP.

Some of Redd's other popular tunes are "YOU BELONG TO ME", "SLOW POKE" and "SOLDIER'S LAST LETTER". There are many other hit tunes Redd co-wrote. Redd was in the music business for well over 60 years. Redd past away this past August 2, 2003. He will be greatly missed by the music industry and fans world wide.

I was fortunate to perform "THE TENNESSEE WALTZ" in a local club once. It was a pleasure to received an e-mail from Redd'd son, Billy Stewart and Daughter-in-law, Sharon Stewart, inviting me to visit their tribute website, created in his honor and memory.It is a wonderful, informative site that expresses his impact in the music industry. I could limit the field to country music but I believe his music has made an impact on the music industry as a whole. I'm sure that many of you have heard his songs, no matter how young you are. Once you hear them again, you'll remember the songs.

Redd Stewart is a legion in the music industry and has earned the honor of being remember through history.

Please visit the website that honors his magnificent career: Click Here


Biography:  Redd Stewart

May 27, 1923
- Born Henry Ellis Stewart in Ashland City, Tennessee; the son of musical
parents and raised in Louisville, KY.  He learned to play the banjo, piano, fiddle and guitar as a child, then dropped out of junior high to perform in local bands. He legally changed his first name to Redd because of his red hair, freckles and fair complexion.
1935 -  Redd was contracted to write a song for a car dealer's commercial in Louisville, KY at the age of 14.
1937 -  Pee Wee King came to Louisville, Ky. to play on WHAS and signed Redd as a
musician with the Golden West Cowboys.
1941- Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Redd was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent to the South Pacific. While stationed there with the rank of sergeant, Redd wrote "A Soldier's Last Letter”, which Ernest Tubb  worked on and recorded in 1944, making it a No.1 hit staying at the top for four weeks out of a seven month stay on the Country charts and crossing over to the Pop chart Top 20.
1947 -He appeared on the Grand Ole Opry until 1947.  A year earlier, he and Pee Wee wrote their first major
"Bonaparte's Retreat," which was Kay Starr's launch-pad to stardom.  Redd signed a lifetime exclusive songwriting contract with Acuff-Rose Publications.
1948 - "Tennessee Waltz", his most popular song, was written with Pee Wee King. (King & Stewart decided to write the song after hearing Bill Monroe's Kentucky Waltz on the radio.  Stewart emptied a matchbox and tore it open to write down the song.)
1947-1957 - In 1947, Pee Wee, Redd and the band moved to WAVE Louisville, Kentucky, where they had a weekly
radio show and then later in the year, they transferred to WAVE-TV, where they had a television show until 1957. Redd sang on Pee Wee King's 1948 version, which reached the Top 3 on the Country chart and crossed over to the Top 30 on the Pop charts, on RCA Victor. It was re-issued in 1951 and climbed to the Top 10. Pee Wee King's
version of "Bonaparte's Retreat" edged into the Top 10, during 1950. However, it was in 1951 that Pee Wee had a No.1 hit with the King-Stewart song
"Slow Poke," which also became a No.1 Pop success. That year, Patti Page took "The Tennessee Waltz" to No.1 on the Pop chart, which also became a Top 3 Country hit.  It went on to sell over 6 million copies. The following year, the song became a Top 10 hit for Hawkshaw Hawkins and "You Belong to Me" became a Pop hit for Jo Stafford.  Their final hit together was "Backward, Turn Backward."  Redd toured with Pee Wee throughout the 50's and 60's.
1965 -"Tennessee Waltz" was officially proclaimed by Governor Frank Clement as the Tennessee state song. (Redd also appeared in several movies with Pee Wee King, including "Gold Mine in the Sky (1938), "Ridin’ the Outlaw Trail" (1951) and "The Rough, Tough West" (1952).  In 1961, Redd and Pee Wee appeared in the movie, "Hoedown.")
1972 - Redd was inducted as a charter member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame- Hall of Fame Highest Achievement
August 2, 2003 - Died at Baptist Hospital East in Louisville, Ky.  He was 80 yrs. old.  He died from complications from injuries suffered in the early 1990s after a fall at his home in Louisville.
2004– Inducted into Country Legends Hall of Fame
2004– Inducted into Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame
2004—Tribute web site launched in his honor. (
2004– Redd’s son, Billy takes over his  music business– Ambridge Music, Inc.

Redd's Sister-in-law Signed My Guestbook!

Hi Belinda! It has been a pleasure e-mailing back and forth with you in the past few days! I am looking forward to chatting more & hope our friendship will grow. I do feel God has something special in store for you. Keep believing and waiting for his signal... Sharon (Tennessee Waltz King's daughter-in-law)
Sharon Stewart <>
Norfolk, VA USA - Wednesday, June 23, 2004 at 18:18:28 (EDT)


Sharon Stewart Is putting together a cook book in Redd's honor called "TENNESSEE WALTZING IN THE KITCHEN'

In the very near future we are putting together a cookbook titled, "Tennessee Waltzing in the Kitchen”  (Recipes from friends/fans of Redd.)  As you may already know, Redd was always big on helping others in the music business, and Billy & I want to carry on this mission.  Our thoughts for doing this cookbook were to not only have a great cookbook filled with recipes from around the world, but also to help promote some of the upcoming country musicians, and/or help keep the older traditional country musicians names out there, too.  We also welcome any family, friends and/or fans of Redd's to submit their recipes.


If you are a country artist or know a country artist or song write, or you are a devoted fan and would like to be included in this exciting new cook book, stop by Redd's website and sign the guest book, mention it in your comment. I am honored to say that a recipe of mine will be included in this exciting book.


Hey Belinda, since I couldn't post anything on Rivers, I'll post that here too. I heard of John Rivers, but not Stuart. Sorry this is so short, but I have to go now. Both are very talented people and your dedication to all three of those people are very interesting. Thanks for the insight on them, and I'll have to view more of them later. I also like Johnny Cash, may he RIP. See ya!


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