Bobby had made himself a boat. It was just a little boat, but it took him many days working carefully with his knife to finish it. His mother gave him one of her best handkerchiefs to use for the sails. Bobby thought it was the most wonderful boat in the world, and when it was all finished, he took it down to the creek to sail it.

But soon a gust of wind took the boat quickly down the creek, and Bobby's little legs couldn't run fast enough to catch up with it. He felt very badly because he liked his boat very much.

The next day what should he see in a store window but his own boat! " I want my boat," he said to the storekeeper. " It is not yours now," said the man. " I bought it from a boy. But you may have it for a dollar."

A dollar was more money than Bobby had ever owned, but he was willing to do anything to get his boat back. So he worked very hard for for many days and at last he earned the dollar.

He took it to the storekeeper and got his little boat back. As he came down the road, full of joy, he hugged the little boat and said, " Little boat, you're TWICE mine now. I MADE you and then I BOUGHT you!"


Do you know that you are just like that boat? Bobby made his boat, God ( Jesus ) made you. Bobby's boat got lost. You went away from God. We call this being lost in sin. Bobby bought his boat back. God ( Jesus ) bought you back if you are His child.

Jesus paid for you with His own life. Wasn't that a big price?

Yes, He made you. ( All things were made by Him. John 1:3 ) And He redeemed you. To redeem means to buy back. ( Ye were redeemed..with the precious blood of Christ. 1 Peter 1:18 ).

You must BELIEVE ON HIM, CALL UPON HIM to come into your heart and be your own dear Savior. Whoever shall CALL upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

( Romans 10:13 )

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