In studying the doctrine of the Trinity, a very embarrassing situation is revealed in the scriptures. How, why and to whom did Jesus pray?

Every good trinitarian believes that the Son of God was eternal, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and immutable in layman's language this means that the Son of God was Almighty, all knowing, infinite, everywhere present at the same time, and equal in every way with the Father.

The Athanasian Creed states this fact: " In the Trinity there is no first nor last, nor greater, nor less," In other words when Jesus prayed, the second person in the Godhead was praying to the first person in the Godhead; or - INFINITE ALMIGHTY GOD WAS PRAYING TO INFINITE ALMIGHTY GOD.

When we seriously consider such a doctrine, it is quite readily seen that a Divine person cannot pray without "un-deifying" Himself. The Trinitarian ex-planation of John 17 of one Define person praying to another Define person is impossible. When someone prays, he does so because be needs Define help. If Jesus Christ was God The Son - Infinite, Almighty. equal in every way, with the Father -DID HE NEED HELP? Can God be God and need help?

It seems foolish to cling to a dogma that depicts God praying to God. But the problem becomes even more confusing when we consider that three persons are supposed to be united in one God. This would mean that God was praying to Himself.

How can we avoid such a dilemma and rightly interpret the Word of God? Simply by understanding the true nature of Jesus. The Father was IN the Son; Deity was in humanity.

Paul clarifies the matter by writing, " But to us there is but one God , the Father ." ( 1 Corinthians 8:6). He is Spirit and invisible without flesh and blood. Therefore, He robed Himself in human flesh, ( 1 Timothy 3:16 ).In order to have blood to shed for the sins of the world.

When Jesus prayed, if was simply humanity praying to Deity. Or man talking to God. Since Jesus possessed a duel nature, He was perfect God and perfect Man. Prayer for Christ was His human nature praying to His Define nature.

Jesus Christ was God and He was the Son of God. But He was NOT " God the Son," or a second person of the Trinity. There was no Son except in the mind and plan of God until the day Jesus was born of the virgin Mary.

The best way to understand the Godhead is to look at a man. God made man in His own image - body, soul and spirit. He is a threefold being. But only one person. Likewise, God is a threefold being - Father, Son and Holy Ghost, but only one person. " For in Him ( Christ ) dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily."

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