There are all types of fraud; schemes to swindle you out of your hard earned money. One of the most popular frauds sweeping the country; possibly the world today is email fraud.
Someone is trying to gain your trust in order to steal your money through a sob story that sounds convincing and sad. The email may come from someone posing as a lawyer who is seeking someone to assist him in gaining the inheritance of a deceased family or the funds will be lost forever. A window(er) who is dying and seeks to leave his/her inheritance to a trust worthy Christian man/woman or someone they can trust to use the funds for the will of God so their family won't throw the funds away on worldly pleasures. Maybe it's a foreign student trying to gather the funds to come to the USA to attend school and they need you to cash money orders and send the money back to them and they'll give you a percentage of the funds. It could also be someone who was trusted with the estate of a deceased family who had no children to leave the funds to; they planned to use the funds for personal pleasures but now they've become a born again Christian who has been convicted by God to follow through on the last wishes of the deceased family. They are seeking a trust worthy Christian man/woman in the USA to send the funds to so they can be used for the glory of God.
These are fraudulent stories that in the end will drain your bank account of funds and you will never see a cent of the funds promised you in the emails. Some of the emails are geared towards retrieving financial information from you in an attempt to commit identity theft.
These people will use false documentation; convincing letter heads and even disguise themselves as well known companies such as Ebay, PayPal or a well known bank; urging you to verify or up-date you account information. These fraud emails are an attempt to retrieve your personal and financial information in order to commit identity fraud.
Do not relinquish any information to these emails. If the email came from a company you do business with; contact them personally or by going directly to their website.
If you believe you have received a fraudulent email claiming to be Ebay or PayPal. Do not alter the email in any way, or change the subject box. Forward the email to the following email addresses:
Their security department will investigate the emails and email the results of their investigating to you. Please remember that these well known websites will always address an email they send you by your name. They will never ask you to relinquish and financial or personal information through an email. They will instruct you to open a new browser window and type in the address bar:
And log into your account.
If you have responded to a fraudulent email and are afraid that you relinquished personal or financial information; or you believe you are the victim of email fraud; contact your bank and change your accounts. Go to your ebay or paypal websites and change your password.