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History tells us crucifixion was designed to produce a slow death with maximum pain and suffering. During the time of Christ's crucifixion; the Romans normally executed by beheading. They reserved crucifixion for only the worst criminals, with the vilest one in the middle. It was customary for the condemned to carry the crossbar from the flogging post to the site of crucifixion.The victim would be offered a painkiller called gall. He was then thrown to the ground on his back with arms outstretched on the crossbar. Tapered iron spikes ( about 5 to 7 inches long ) were driven into and through his wrists. ( The Greek word from which hand is translated is " cheir " and may include hand and wrist. Nails through the anatomic " hand " as we call it will not support the weight of the body?. The soldiers then hoisted the crossbar onto the vertical center pole and nailed the person's feet to the front of it in a position so that his knees were bent. The nails through his wrists pierced the median nerve causing wave after wave of intense pain to shoot up his arms. Each time the criminal wanted to properly exhale, he would have to push up with his nailed feet to take the pressure of gravity off his rib cage. As he hung, his lungs were hyper-expanded and he could not exhale. With the pain and effort required for each exhaled breath, the person soon retained much carbon dioxide. To hasten the death of their victims, the Roman soldiers would break the legs, not allowing them to push off with their nailed feet and suffocation would soon follow.

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