Where Is Jacob's Binky

Jacob was playing with his teddy bear. He was having so much fun, his binky fell out of his mouth and fell to the rug.
'Come here Jacob. It's time for lunch,' said his Mommy.
Jacob ran to the kitchen, forgetting about his binky.
When it came to be naptime, Jacob rubbed his eyes and yawned. He was very sleepy.
Jacob looked around him for his binky, but it wasn't there. He can't sleep without his binky.
Jacob looked under the kitchen table. It wasn't there.
He looked under the couch. It wasn't there.
He looked behind the crib. It wasn't there.
He looked in the bathroom.It wasn't there.
He was so sleepy, he couldn't look anymore. He plopped down on the living room rug and began to cry and rubbed his eyes.
He looked down at his Teddy bear, laying where he dropped it before lunch. He picked it up and hugged it tight.
Uh-oh! There was Jacob's binky. He picked up his binky and put it in his mouth. He laid down with his Teddy bear and fell to sleep.

Dedicated and written for my great nephew Jacob Smith

By Belinda Smith

2003 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)